Peachland Rotary

President’s Message

As I look back on the past fourteen years that Rotary has been part of my life I have a sense of wonder and admiration for the many accomplishments our Peachland club has made. We are really just a small club in comparison to so many that are double or triple the size of ours but we do so much.

We exemplify our motto of Service Above Self as we raise funds to provide surround sound systems in our local school, build a pavilion that sits majestically on the shores of Okanagan Lake, donate to the Peachland Food Bank or build a town clock that becomes the meeting place for many visitors. These are just a few of the many projects our club has initiated during twenty years of service to Peachland.

We continue to provide funding for the eradication of polio and even though our club is small we are touching the lives of young children in countries such as Afghanistan and Pakistan. Hopefully we are saving those children’s lives, saving them from such a dreaded disease. At the time of writing there has been only five cases of polio in the world this year. We are almost there!

Some of our favourite events are the Rotary Peace Concerts in Heritage Park each summer. The music is wonderful, people arrive from all over the Okanagan Valley and some even enjoy listening from their boats as they enjoy a summer day on the lake. Donations from the public provide funding for Shelter Boxes which are deployed to disaster areas around the world. Through our club 43 shelter boxes have been distributed since 2010. Again, Service Above Self.

I look forward to a year where our club will actively serve our community through various projects and continue to reach out to those in need in distant countries. With the support of my Executive and members I know we will have a fun year and a successful one.

Please feel welcome to join us at one of our meetings Thursdays, 12 noon at the Gasthaus on the Lake.




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End Polio Now…

Rotary is an international community that brings together leaders who step up to take on the world’s toughest challenges, locally and globally. The eradication of polio is one of our longest standing and most significant efforts. Along with our partners, we have helped immunize more than 2.5 billion children against polio in 122 countries. We have reduced polio cases by 99.9 percent worldwide and we won’t stop until we end the disease for good.

On World Polio Day October 24th keep an eye out for the Peachland Rotarians raising awareness for the fight to eradicate this terrible disease. Our Rotarians will be at the Peachland Mall waiving their End Polio Now signs at passing traffic.

You can help us end this disease by donating money. Triple your impact!

Every contribution made big or small will be matched 2 to 1 thanks to the Linda & Bill gates foundation.

Keep sharing and help spread the world by using #ENDPOLIO

You can donate money in person to any of our Rotarians, at one of our meetings held every Thursday at the Gasthaus 12 noon or on our website

The Peachland Rotary would like to thank you for your ongoing support. If you are interested in joining our club feel free to contact one of our members.

Patrick Van Minsel

Public Image Director


“What`s Rotary?”

“Rotary is a leadership organization…..

We are made up of people like you. Many of us are

local business, professional and civic leaders.

We meet regularly, get to know each other,

form friendships, and through that, we are able to

get things done in this community and elsewhere in the World”



Watch the Video

Watch this space for updates on our latest community project – the Peachland Pier.

This is a joint project between the Sportsmen’s Association, the Peachland Lions Club and the Rotary Club of Peachland

Service Above Self