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Future Keynote Speakers

February  4  Yaika Zeeman  –  My Home Country Holland

February 11  Allison Brown  –  My Rotary Exchange Year in Italy

February 18  Club Business Meeting  –  No Guest Speaker

February 25  Ray Kandola  –  Classification Speech

March 3  Gaetan Royer  –  Peach Tree Village Development on the Peachland Waterfront

March 10  Dave Smith  –  Polillo Island Power Project (Philippines)

March 17  Club Business Meeting  –  No Guest Speaker



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In-Progress Projects

Peachland Pier

Watch this space for information on the newest community project that will be a collaborative effort between the Sportsmen’s Association, the Peachland Lions Club and the Peachland Rotary Club. The project is undergoing preliminary feasibility studies at this time. The Pier will consist of a boardwalk proceeding along Heritage Park. The installation will allow persons who are mobility challenged to где погулять в Москве fish from the pier and it will be a general area for the public to enjoy the lakeside.



WIFI Zone for downtown area

One more reason to visit Peachland has been launched on Canada Day 2012. Visitors to and residents of Peachland B.C. can enjoy free WiFi access on their mobile phones, laptops and tablet devices following the Design and Implementation by the Rotary Club of Peachland. Free WiFi access has been available since July 1st 2012  providing safe and secure internet access at no cost to users. This WiFi network was designed by a local Rotarian Brian Junnila who has been designing and implementing LAN, WAN and WiFi Networks worldwide for over 20 years. Rotary is partnering with the Peachland Chamber of Commerce and the Peachland Visitors Center, who will be operating the WiFi Zone after the initial roll-out. The 1 Click internet access Rotary Free WiFi zone covers downtown Peachland from Heritage Park 1st St. to 3rd St. along Beach Ave.tri logo (3)

More than just a WiFi hotspot, this zone allows for full mobility without ever losing connectivity throughout downtown Peachland. We believe this WiFi Zone is be the first free WiFi zone in the Okanagan and provides connectivity to all downtown visitors. 84% of all B.C. residents use the internet using 2.8 million laptops and 1.5 handheld devices.  In 2012, 56% of all phones were smart phones with the numbers growing rapidly. This service  provides a real and valuable service to these connected BC residents and visitors.


Completed Projects


Outdoor Exercise Stations

The Rotary Club of Peachland in collaboration with the Peachland Lions Club and the District of Peachland will install exercise stations along Harolds’  Walk. The first phase of the project will consist of six stations with a total of 11 pieces of exercise equipment. The focus is on developing balance, strength, and flexibility while the fact that the stations are along a trail will provide cardio-vascular benefits to the users. The equipment has been chosen with special consideration for seniors, even though it can be used by all age groups.

67943_seated leg press


Children’s Playground in Heritage Park

In collaboration with the municipality, the Rotary Club of Peachland was actively involved in the construction of a children’s playground in Heritage Park. The playground consists of a range of swings, ladders for climbing and slides, all designed and set up to be child-safe.




Centennial Clock 2009

In 2009, Peachland celebrated its Centenary of Incorporation and the Rotary Club of Peachland presented the town with a four-faced Town Clock which is located in the centre of town near the Cenotaph. The clock, which receives the accurate time from a satellite, has become a favourite meeting point in downtown Peachland.


Rotary Centennial Pavilion 2005

The Pavilion is the largest project our club has ever undertaken and required major fund-raising activity and considerable hands-on participation by all club members. The Pavilion is a tribute to the Centennial of Rotary and has become a focal point of urban life in Heritage Park. It is the scene of several community events and lately has been the backdrop and stage for Rotary’s Music at the Pavilion concerts which are held on six Sundays during July and August.

Rotary Pavilion

Peachland Mural 1998

The Peachland Mural was the first of a range of projects with the aim of enhancing the downtown Peachland area. The mural was a collaborative effort between a local artist, Robyn Lake, the Rotary Club of Peachland and the local Community Arts Council. The mural depicts a span of Peachland history from before settlers arrived to the present. The Rotary Club of Peachland and members of the Community Arts Council maintain the mural.

Rotarians @ Work