Peachland Pier

The Peachland Pier Project

Building a destination for the disabled, handicapped, elderly and children

Three local service clubs – the Sportsmen’s Association, Peachland Lions Club and the Rotary Club of Peachland – have a goal to build a new wheelchair accessible pier in downtown Peachland, with construction beginning this June.

The Peachland Pier will allow the elderly, handicapped and kids to both take in the views and go fishing, says project spokesperson Brian Junnila of the Rotary Club of Peachland. Often the lakeshore is too rocky for people with physical limitations, and we want to remove that barrier with this pier.

The Peachland Pier will be a 120-metre long fixed structure running parallel to the shoreline of Heritage Park in downtown Peachland. Breakout areas will allow people to fish, while the main pier will feature wheelchair access, with benches to rest and take in the Okanagan Lake views.

We envision a place where youngsters can try their hand at fishing, while meeting the needs of people who have had to give up their pastime because of physical limitations.

The Peachland Pier will be the first of its kind on Okanagan Lake, and will add accessibility to what is currently a non-usable area of Peachland’s downtown waterfront.

A handful of representatives from the Lions Club, the Sportsmen’s Association and our club were present on September 10th to mark the start of construction of the Peachland Heritage Pier.  You can show your support by purchasing T-shirts available at the Peachland Art Gallery.   Soon “Peachland Walks on Water“!  Here are some photos from our kick off below.  Click on image to enlarge.

Watch The Video Showing an Aerial View of the Project

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