Our Meetings

Guests are always welcome at our monthly meetings.  Please drop by and join us.

Christmas Luncheon at Hole 19, December 15, 2021

A great time was had by the club members and their guests at Hole 19 in Westbank. Mr. and Mrs. Claus (aka Chris and Anne) welcomed us at the door. A fun Christmas quiz resulted in participants receiving some delicious gingerbread men made with TLC by Jane. Here are some photos from the luncheon, Just click on a photo to enlarge.

January 16 Meeting

Our guests speakers today were Kathleen Lemieux, Director of Fund Development and Stephen Somerville, Resource Development Coordinator for Habitat for Humanity.  They gave a presentation about  the Habitat for Humanity and the work they do. To find out more information about this not-for-profit organization visit their website here.

December 19 Meeting

Today we moved up to the inside balcony area of the Gasthaus as our meeting area was being set up for Christmas gatherings.  It was toasty warm so all was well! Jane multi-tasked taking our lunch orders and payment for the President’s Cup.  Guests Martha Jenkins, Past President of the  the Peachland Fall Fair Committee and their new President Tammpy Therailt, were presented with a cheque for $800 from our members.  We ended the dinner singing “We Wish You A Merry Christmas”.

November 7 Meeting

We had a packed house to listen to our guest speaker Bruce Dalrymple, president of the Gellatly Bay Trails and Parks Society,  His organization has been working on a project for nearly 20 years and is eager to complete it.   Known as Trail 2000, proponents of the 20-kilometre trail want to build a seamless route along the western edge of Okanagan Lake that will eventually connect with the Okanagan Rail Trail, a route that sees 25,000 visitors annually travel from Kelowna to Vernon.  Club member Rod MacIntosh thanks Bruce for his very informative presentation.

October 26 – Charter Night

Members gathered at the 50+ Activity Centre to celebrate our Club’s Charter and enjoyed a meal presented by the KGH  Ladies Auxiliary.   In attendance was DG Peter Schultz and his wife Susan, as well as Assistant DG Bill Hawkins.  The evening included presentations of Paul Harris Fellowship Awards to both Al Springer, Sportsment Club, and Eldon Kerbes, Lions Club, for their tireless work on the new Peachland Pier.   Audrey Scowen  received a PH Fellowship Award from her husband Chris and and Brian Junnila  was aslo honoured with a PH Fellowship Award.   A Non-Rotarian of the Year Award  was presented to Bernice Collin, Peachland Pharmacy, for her valuable volunteer contribution to our Club.   As well, several sponsors for our 2019 events where presented certificates of thanks including Shayn Moritz of Edward Jones and Bobbi Horra, Re/Max Kelowna Westside.  Enjoy the photos from the evening and click on them to enlarge.

October 3

Today our guest speaker was Paula Naka from Interior Savings who spoke to club members about fraud and scams.  There are many including subscription traps and identity theft.  All types of scams are abundant – CEO, health and medical, business, phishing and smishing, tax , door to door, emergency, purchase of merchandise, sale of merchandise, etc.  Paula spoke about the red flags and things to watch for as well as the reporting of a scam.  She distributed a publication entitled “The Little Black book of Scams“.   This is available here.

September 26

Today President Peggy Southin presented Darlene Haslock, Manager of Operations at JoeAnna’s House, with a cheque for $2000.00.  The Club has raised well over $10000 for this facility in the past two years.  Chris Boyle, Public Image Chair, RCoP

September 5

Today we were delighted to have Anne give her classification talk.  What an interesting life and diverse career in education in the British school system she has had!  Most importantly was the fact that  she had met Chris when she was just starting out in her career and then  much later after her retirement.  This lead to her travelling “across the pond” to  marry him and reside in Peachland and become one of our newest members.  We are so thankful she decided to join our club.
Richard Gette from the Rotary Club of Brooks, Alberta was a guest today and shared with us that he and other club members will be driving 2 school buses, a fire engine and ambulance down to Mexican location as part of his club’s International project.
We also had another visitor….not so much a lady!  “Big Red” (aka Madeleine) stumbled into our meeting, empty wine bottle in hand, and had the audience in tears of laughter as she “acted” as an intoxicated woman – just a sample of the entertainment to come at our Murder Mystery evenings!  Here are more photos of her…


August 29th Social Picnic In Heritage Park

When the month has a 5th Thursday, we like to organize a social event for all members and their spouses and family to join us for a fun time.  With temps hovering around 30C, a picnic in the park followed by a fun game of bocce was just the answer.  Klaus was our umpire and divided us into two  teams.  If we were uncertain about a rule or who was closer to the lead ball, Klaus was there to assist us.  Who won?  Doesn’t really matter!  We were all having lots of fun including our exchange student Amparo who had a very accurate throw.  Here are some photos of those who were able to join us from 5:00 to 7:00 PM.


August 22nd Meeting

This was a very special meeting as it included a visit from our DG Peter Schultz as well as Assistant DG Bill Hawkins.  Peter shared with us his visions for District 5060 and listened to our  stories of  that moment “when we knew we were a Rotarian”.  He also presented two District Governor Awards which were voted on by each member of the Club.  Jane received the  Supportive Spouse of the Year Award and Wolfgang received the Rotarian Who Connects the World Award.  Congratulations to both well deserving Rotarians.

August 15th Meeting

Today we had our outbound Youth Exchange Student Sofia Faccini attend our meeting, along with her Dad..  She gave a very informative PowerPoint presentation about herself and her family of 4.  She and her brother have a special bond.  He will miss her during her time in France, as will her parents but they are as thrilled as she is for this opportunity.   It is 11 days until she leaves.  We look forward to any communications from her while away and of course, her visit upon her reutrn to fill us in on all the happenings during her year abroad.  The photo is of Sofia and our Youth Exchange Chair, Jane Tench.

Installation of 2019-2020 Board Members

On July 18th members gathered for a potluck dinner for the installation of our 2019-2020 Board members.  We were privileged to have PDG Doug Everett and Jacquie,  Assistant DG Bill Hawkins, and Art Gillan and Glenna attend our installation.  PDG  Doug performed the installation ceremony.
Paul Harris Fellow pins were presented to Wolfgang Muhs (level 7) and Ray and Chris S. (both their level 2) as the result of accumulated donations to the Foundation.
Ted, Gail and Wendy were  specifically identified by individual club members and sponsored in providing outstanding service to  our club in its many projects, programs and activities and as such, highly deserving of special recognition.   Wendy received her level 2 pin as did Ted, while Gail received her level 3 pin.
Also William (our Sargent-at-Arms) and Bert were for presented with PHF pins for their dedication to our club over the years.  Lastly, Peggy received a PHF pin through sponsorship by her husband Chris.  Take a moment to view the photos below and click each one to enlarge them.


June 27th

Today we were pleased to have two  wonderful young ladies give their presentations on their recent experiences through the Rotary youth programs.  Paige Reekie spoke of her time this past May with Adventures in Healthcare.   Catarina Oliveira spoke about her time in the RYLA program.

Both provided slides giving an overview of the program and what they each took away from the program.  Click here to learn more about the Adventures in Healthcare and RYLA and other Rotary youth programs.

Paige is currently interested in pursuing a career in Pediatric Physiotherapy as a result of her experience at the many hands-on workshops provided with the program.

June 20

Garnet Lloyd, representing Cops for Kids, received a cheque for $1,000 as a donation from the Rotary Club of Peachland.   Garnet accompanies the Ride as an honorary RCMP Pharmacist on bike.


June 6, 2019

Today we had a very heartfelt presentation from our exchange student Linn Stockholm.  She shared many photos with us of the fun times she experienced over the past year.  One of the biggest changes she experienced was at her school where she had to remember to address the teachers as Mr., Miss, or Mrs. and their surname – back in her home country they were addressed using their first names!   She was brought to tears when she expressed what the year meant to her.  She had matured for sure and met some wonderful people.  Will she return – you bet!  Our club presented her with a “tennis bracelet” for her parting gift.  Here are some more photos from the meeting.


May 30, 2019

It was a social evening at the Ciao Bella Winery for many of our club members.  Those who remained home to watch the first of the finals with our Raptors were excused!  Here are some photos of the event thanks to Chris Boyle.  Peggy was surprised to have a cake baked by Mary Schooff to celebrate her recent birthday.  There was lots of food and wine to enjoy as well.  The weather was perfect with 28 degrees, no winds and no rain!


May 23, 2019

Today we had the pleasure of a very special guest speaker – Keneisha Charles.  Keneisha is a grade 12 student at the Rutland Senior Secondary School and a member of their Rotary Interact Club.   She is an enthusiastic, strongly motivated student with a passion for social and environmental justice.  She spoke about Operation Take Two which began in November 2017 in Kelowna, BC.  “It was initiated as a project of the Rutland Senior Secondary Interact Club—a Rotary sponsored youth service group. A small group with big aspirations, they were inspired to act by the rise in awareness of plastic waste pollution. While researching about the issue and solutions, they came across Precious Plastic, an organization based in the Netherlands that designed tools to help communities recycle plastic and provided them open-source online. With our passion and an idea, we began the long journey to make Operation Take Two a reality”.  Visit their site to learn more about this very worthwhile enterprise.

 May 16, 2019

Rob Law, Randy Horne and recent student Evan Lee from the Gateway Program gave a very informative session to our Rotary members.  Central Programs and Services School, in partnership with Okanagan College, has developed an exciting initiative for grade 10-12 students called the Gateway Program.   For students in general,  the pursuit of graduation and the transition to post-secondary education can often be difficult.   For at-risk students who deal with a myriad of obstacles including learning difficulties, substance issues, poverty, broken homes and mental health concerns, this transition can seem insurmountable.  The Gateway Program strives to provide at-risk students with the necessary supports to successfully transition to college and ultimately sustainable careers in the trade sector.

May 9,  2019

What a meeting today was! First of all everyone was greeted by Christopher Scowen who set the bar high for dress code for a greeter!  Next, Membership Chair Madeleine  inducted our newest members to our club: Mario Avendano Morales, sponsored by Peggy, and Elsie Lemke (our first Corporate member) sponsored by President Ray.  Then, member John Abernethy was presented with a “Be The Inspiration Award”  from the District 5060 Conference recognizing his hard work and accomplishments with the planning and completion of the new Peachland Pier.  Lastly, Wendy presented Jane with a lovely bouquet of yellow roses for her dedication to the Starfish Pack program providing weekly backpacks of food for students and their families.  An eventful meeting for sure.


April 25, 2019

Today was a special meeting as we welcomed Anne as our newest member! The photo shows our Club President Ray, giving Anne a welcome hug after pinning her with her Rotary name tag and pin.  All Rotarians in attendance then shook her hand (or gave her a hug) to express our delight that she chose to be a member of our Club.

April 11, 2019 Meeting

We were delighted to have our very own Peachland pharmacist, Thomas “Garnet”  Lloyd visit us today to speak about “Cops for Kids.”  While he is not a “cop”, he is very passionate about the ride and has participated for some time.   He brought along the vary special helmet, shoes and even his bike for the audience to view.  Click on the photos below to enlarge them.  To find out all the wonderful kids they help from the monies raised through donations from their fans, visit the the website.


March 28, 2019 Meeting

Many of our Rotarians attended a “Business Made Social” at 1st and Beach Restaurant.  The event was presented by the Peachland Chamber of Commerce with our Rotary club as the major  sponsor.  President Ray introduced  our Membership Chair Madeleine who was our speaker for the evening,   She gave a 5 minute overview of the accomplishments of our club within the community.  She also highlighted the events scheduled for this year including the Murder Mystery evenings – including “Big Red” who dropped by  on queue to give the surprised attendees a taste of what to expect!


March 14, 2019 Meeting

Today our guest speaker was Christine Kirby from Road Safety BC  who talked to our members about “Senior Driving”.   Lots to take in, especially the need to have a 90 minute driving test after 80.   Christine pointed out that after many years of driving, we tend to pick up “bad” habits that should be corrected.  Maybe a good choice to take an hour refresher prior to taking the test!
We also had as our special guest, Rowan, who is our President-Elect Peggy’s grandson.  He was thrilled to receive a special pin from his granddad Chris.  He passed out cookies (baked by our Rotarian Jane adorned with green icing shamrocks and chocolate) and asked our guest speaker what is the legal driving age.  Look out Mom – he already thinking about it.

February 21st, 2019 Meeting

Today we celebrated our exchange student Lynn Stockholm’s 17th birthday. We hope she enjoys are gift and has a fun time wearing it – especially when back home in Denmark!  Click the photo to enlarge.

January 3rd, 2019 Meeting

Our first meeting for the new year featured fellow Rotarian and MP Dan Albas.  Dan gave a non-partisan overview of the happenings in Ottawa.   Anything from climate change,  provincial carbon tax measures, NAFTA trade deals to medical wait lists and pensions.   He was happy to take questions from the audience, of which there were many.  Thanks Dan for taking the time to attend our lunch meeting. Click on the photo to enlarge it.  The shining light to the right of his head must be a good sign for the start of his new year!

December 13th Christmas Dinner

What an evening we had at the Gasthaus!  Other than a few of our “snowbird” couples, all members where adorned  in their Christmas attire to enjoy a three course dinner, along with a glass of wine (a mystery Santa paid for the wine!).   The evening included the induction of our newest Rotary member, Rod MacIntosh.  His sponsor, Chirs Scowen, presented him with his Rotary pin – took a couple of tries and locating the pin after it fell on the floor.  Madeleine, as Membership Chair, welcomed Rod to our club.  We were also entertained by the “Chris Ensemble” fresh from Las Vegas – at least that is the story we were told.  Our exchange student, Lynn, was presented with a Christmas gift from our members.  To finish off the evening, we all joined in the singing of several Christmas carols – even competed for the loudest rendition of “The Twelve Days of Christmas” between each half of the room.  A very enjoyable evening for all. Thanks Wendy for arranging it and  for taking all but four of these photos and to Chris Boyle for the photos of the pinning of our new member.

December 6th Meeting

Our guest speaker today was Preston Mott B.Comm, LL.B, and also a fellow Rotarian from the Summerland Club since 1991.
Speaking about the need to protect assets as we age  – an area to which we often don’t give sufficient consideration–
whether those assets are material or intellectual. He noted that there are laws in place which provide some protection for the aged: common law, enacted by Parliament, or even just hearsay (everybody knows,,,).
But we need to be dispassionate and cold hearted:  we need to  protect our assets from ourselves and our fears; from our spouse or partner, their children, our children, grandchildren, friends or organisations we have committed to in the past – but how?  Who can we trust? Ask a professional.
Firstly we need to write a Will, to establish Powers of Attorney, decide on our Executors.  And to do this we have to guard against wrong or emotionally based decisions, such as putting the house in the childrens’ names too early.   Discuss these things with an attorney, your financial planner/investment advisor, your accountant.  Then, make a Will and make sure that everything is itemised : special item bequests, resources, property, investments, monies, jewellery and so on – then update it regularly.
A list attached to your Will is NOT a part of your Will.  Having too many Executors is a recipe for disaster and confusion.
“If you fail to plan you plan to fail.”

November 8th Meeting

Our MC for the meeting was no other than Chris Scowen, who was our President back in 2001-2002.  Our special guest speaker was  our exchange student, Linn Stockholm,  Linn is from Denmark.  She gave a very informative and entertaining PowerPoint presentation.  What was the one thing she found quite different here in BC?  Definitely the way our high school operates.  Back in Denmark it is the teachers who go from one class to the next, with the students remaining in the same classroom for all their subjects during a day of classes.  It was a little nerve racking to say the least on her first day of school!  She also said that she is getting addicted to peanut butter –  not necessarily a good thing! We look forward to her sharing more on all the happenings in her year ahead.

November 1st Meeting

Station 21 is a Volunteer paid on call fire department serving the 5000 residents of Peachland, British Columbia, Canada.  The Fire Department (Peachland Fire Brigade) was formed in 1909 and responds to incidents in the Municipality including fires (of any type), MVA’s, Rescues, Public Assistance, First Responder (medical), Marine and Water Rescue as well as Hazmat calls.
The District of Peachland regularly applies for funding for Community Wildfire Protection Plan updates, fuel management prescriptions, demonstration projects and operational treatments and maintenance are accepted on an on-going basis through Strategic Wildfire Prevention Programs.
Our guest speaker, Fire Chief Dennis Craig, spoke to our members on the subject “Working Toward Community Wildfire Resiliency”.  He does not accept the statement that “wildfires are now the norm in Peachland”.  He informed us that a  community information evening was arranged in the evening and invited us to attend.  It was a public presentation to learn what Private Industry, local First Nations, Wildfire Experts, as well as the District of Peachland, are doing to protect the community from wildfire along its southern boundary and what is planned for the future.  For more information visit website for the Station 21 here.

October 18th Meeting

We were delighted to have as our guest speaker Raghwa Gopal, CEO of Accelerate Okanagan.
Raghwa educated the audience on the amazing growth of the Okanagan tech industry.  There are now 693 technology businesses operating in the Okanagan, which represents a 24% increase since the first survey was conducted in 2013.  These businesses employ a  workforce of 12, 474, with an economic impact of $1.67 billion.  As the Okanagan tech community and companies within it continue to grow, so does Accelerate Okanagan’s support model.  Coined ‘Continuous Acceleration,’ they deliver unique programming for all stages of growth.  Regardless of stage or company development, having a mentor to help navigate the entrepreneurial journey is key.  Find out more about Accelerate Okanagan’s programs on their website.  Raghwa also shared his PowerPoint for us to view here.

September 27th Meeting

Sharon Hallberg  was our guest speaker educating the audience on the current status of the  Peachland Seniors Housing Project.


September 6th Meeting

District Governor Sherry Chamberlain and her husband Jim, as well as Assistant Governor Art Gillan, attended a meeting with our Officers and Directors prior to the regular members’ meeting. Thanks to Wolfgang for putting together a very informative PowerPoint outlining  the clubs recent past, current and future endeavours within the various avenues of service.  Click here to view.  Each officer and director also spoke on their area of responsibility.  DG Sherry then shared with us the District’s goals and helpful suggestions for our club to consider as we move forward.   At the members’ meeting afterwards, DG Sherry gave a very inspiring presentation with the central theme of “What is our home like?”  We hope that when visitors come to our club, they feel welcome and enjoy their experience and will leave the meeting wanting to return for another visit.  Here are a few more photos from the meeting.  President Ray thanked DG Sherry for her visit and presented her with one of our Peachland pens and informed her that the club would make a donation to the Rotary Foundation on her behalf.  Just click on the thumbnail to enlarge the photo. A video of her visit is also available on the District 5060 Facebook page. 

August 30th Meeting

MP Dan Albas was the guest speaker at our meeting today. He spoke about the latest private members bill he tabled. Very interesting talk for the members in attendance. Lots of questions too!

Service Above Self