Our Meetings

Guests are always welcome at our monthly meetings.  Please drop by and join us at the Gasthaus on the Lake!

December 6th Meeting

Our guest speaker today was Preston Mott B.Comm, LL.B, and also a fellow Rotarian from the Summerland Club since 1991.
Speaking about the need to protect assets as we age  – an area to which we often don’t give sufficient consideration–
whether those assets are material or intellectual. He noted that there are laws in place which provide some protection for the aged: common law, enacted by Parliament, or even just hearsay (everybody knows,,,).
But we need to be dispassionate and cold hearted:  we need to  protect our assets from ourselves and our fears; from our spouse or partner, their children, our children, grandchildren, friends or organisations we have committed to in the past – but how?  Who can we trust? Ask a professional.
Firstly we need to write a Will, to establish Powers of Attorney, decide on our Executors.  And to do this we have to guard against wrong or emotionally based decisions, such as putting the house in the childrens’ names too early.   Discuss these things with an attorney, your financial planner/investment advisor, your accountant.  Then, make a Will and make sure that everything is itemised : special item bequests, resources, property, investments, monies, jewellery and so on – then update it regularly.
A list attached to your Will is NOT a part of your Will.  Having too many Executors is a recipe for disaster and confusion.
“If you fail to plan you plan to fail.”

November 8th Meeting

Our MC for the meeting was no other than Chris Scowen, who was our President back in 2001-2002.  Our special guest speaker was  our exchange student, Linn Stockholm,  Linn is from Denmark.  She gave a very informative and entertaining PowerPoint presentation.  What was the one thing she found quite different here in BC?  Definitely the way our high school operates.  Back in Denmark it is the teachers who go from one class to the next, with the students remaining in the same classroom for all their subjects during a day of classes.  It was a little nerve racking to say the least on her first day of school!  She also said that she is getting addicted to peanut butter –  not necessarily a good thing! We look forward to her sharing more on all the happenings in her year ahead.

November 1st Meeting

Station 21 is a Volunteer paid on call fire department serving the 5000 residents of Peachland, British Columbia, Canada.  The Fire Department (Peachland Fire Brigade) was formed in 1909 and responds to incidents in the Municipality including fires (of any type), MVA’s, Rescues, Public Assistance, First Responder (medical), Marine and Water Rescue as well as Hazmat calls.
The District of Peachland regularly applies for funding for Community Wildfire Protection Plan updates, fuel management prescriptions, demonstration projects and operational treatments and maintenance are accepted on an on-going basis through Strategic Wildfire Prevention Programs.
Our guest speaker, Fire Chief Dennis Craig, spoke to our members on the subject “Working Toward Community Wildfire Resiliency”.  He does not accept the statement that “wildfires are now the norm in Peachland”.  He informed us that a  community information evening was arranged in the evening and invited us to attend.  It was a public presentation to learn what Private Industry, local First Nations, Wildfire Experts, as well as the District of Peachland, are doing to protect the community from wildfire along its southern boundary and what is planned for the future.  For more information visit website for the Station 21 here.

October 18th Meeting

We were delighted to have as our guest speaker Raghwa Gopal, CEO of Accelerate Okanagan.
Raghwa educated the audience on the amazing growth of the Okanagan tech industry.  There are now 693 technology businesses operating in the Okanagan, which represents a 24% increase since the first survey was conducted in 2013.  These businesses employ a  workforce of 12, 474, with an economic impact of $1.67 billion.  As the Okanagan tech community and companies within it continue to grow, so does Accelerate Okanagan’s support model.  Coined ‘Continuous Acceleration,’ they deliver unique programming for all stages of growth.  Regardless of stage or company development, having a mentor to help navigate the entrepreneurial journey is key.  Find out more about Accelerate Okanagan’s programs on their website.  Raghwa also shared his PowerPoint for us to view here.

September 27th Meeting

Sharon Hallberg  was our guest speaker educating the audience on the current status of the  Peachland Seniors Housing Project.


September 6th Meeting

District Governor Sherry Chamberlain and her husband Jim, as well as Assistant Governor Art Gillan, attended a meeting with our Officers and Directors prior to the regular members’ meeting. Thanks to Wolfgang for putting together a very informative PowerPoint outlining  the clubs recent past, current and future endeavours within the various avenues of service.  Click here to view.  Each officer and director also spoke on their area of responsibility.  DG Sherry then shared with us the District’s goals and helpful suggestions for our club to consider as we move forward.   At the members’ meeting afterwards, DG Sherry gave a very inspiring presentation with the central theme of “What is our home like?”  We hope that when visitors come to our club, they feel welcome and enjoy their experience and will leave the meeting wanting to return for another visit.  Here are a few more photos from the meeting.  President Ray thanked DG Sherry for her visit and presented her with one of our Peachland pens and informed her that the club would make a donation to the Rotary Foundation on her behalf.  Just click on the thumbnail to enlarge the photo. A video of her visit is also available on the District 5060 Facebook page. 

August 30th Meeting

MP Dan Albas was the guest speaker at our meeting today. He spoke about the latest private members bill he tabled. Very interesting talk for the members in attendance. Lots of questions too!

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