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Pumpkin Patch – October 23, 2021

Viewpoints Speaker Series

February 20th was the first ever in this series.  Dennis Craig, Peachlands’ Fire Chief gave a most interesting presentation which covered the ever increasing risk of fire in the forests which surround virtually every town in BC.   He explained the ways in which we might mitigate fire risk to our homes by avoiding plantings of fire fuel plants such as juniper and dry exotic grasses close to our buildings.  He  also explained the differences between the devastating California and Australian fires.  He showed graphs which demonstrated all too clearly the extent and number of fires in the region and BC generally.  Did you know that the majority of forest fires are caused by humans, not lightning strikes?  And there is a frightening statistic which shows that many of the fires caused by man are deliberately set. 
Forest fires create their own micro weather, inducing winds to fan the flames and spread the embers as much as four kilometres ahead of the fire front, behind the fire fighters.   In question time he talked about the equipment used and the way in which municipal rules can create real hazards for subdivisions both in the rules which govern development and our building codes which permit the use of building materials which are, in themselves fire fuel.
Informative and incredibly interesting.  A fantastic start to what promises to be a great series of presentations.  Dennis has set the bar very high for future presentations!  Thank you Dennis! 
Our next date is April 28th in the Banquet Room at the Community Centre beginning promptly at 7:00pm and ending at 9:00pm.  The Codfathers’ Jonathon Croft will talk about “Sustainable Fisheries”.  What is happening in our oceans and rivers?  Drop in for a couple of hours, ask questions, get informed.  This series of speakers provides a different view of our world.  Admission is free. 

January 1st, 2020 Polar Bear Swim

The  2020 Peachland Polar Bear swim was held at 1 o’clock, January 1st, under sunny skies, no wind, no snow (other than on the hills across the lake) and a temperature of between 8-9 degrees C– hard to believe, but true.   About 100 temporarily deranged individuals including two of our very own ( Mario and members of his family and Shane) tested the chilly waters for various lengths of time before exiting and becoming the target of a whole posse of club members intent on offering them drinks of hot chocolate supremely mixed by Klaus, our resident brew-meister.   About 120 cups later and with the shivering less apparent, Swim Bay was virtually deserted by 1:30.  It was an upbeat, fun event for participants and onlookers and us.  Thanks to Ken, Klaus, Wendy, Wolfgang, Peggy and Chris, Jane and especially Rick.   Article submitted by Chris Scowen.  Photo taken by  Barb Aguiar and courtesy The Daily Courier,

2019 Light-Up

On December 6th, the our Club participated in Peachland’s Christmas Light-Up ceremony.  Our members offered hot chocolate to the public.  Donations to Rotary’s Polio program were collected and they will buy enough vaccine to immunize approximately 400 children against polio.   Photo credits to Chris Boyle and Doris Muhs.

January 1st 2019 Polar Bear Swim

The festivities for the annual Peachland Polar Bear Swim on Tuesday, January 1st started at 10:30 am with either a  2K walk or a 5K run from the Community Centre for children and adults.   At 1.00 pm however, the scene changed and we were thrust into our humanitarian support role of providing and serving hot chocolate.  The annual Polar Bear Swim attracts those who believe it is perfectly normal to intentionally want to immerse themselves in the frigid waters of Okanagan Lake.  Misguided as they may be, we were able to provide assistance.
Our super premium brand of hot chocolate was brewed by our fellow Rotarians in the Community Centre kitchen and was ready for distribution as the misguided arrived back on shore.  Additional Club members arrived at 12:30 pm,  with a tray in hand, to join the fun, distribute the hot chocolate to the crowds and be part of our Club’s first event of 2019.   By 1:30 pm the entire area was virtually empty.  Click on the photos below to see larger size. The first photo is of Rotarians Shayn Moritz and Dan Albas, MP,  exiting the cold lake after their swim.  Credits to Chris Scowen for his write-up on the event.


Christmas Light-Up at Heritage Park

On Friday,  December 5th, Santa arrived at Heritage Park in style aboard Peachland’s newest fire truck, accompanied by legions of bundled-up elves and would-be elves all waving glow sticks.  It was Light-Up in Peachland and the weather could not have been been better – about minus 2, no wind with a skating rink lake as a backdrop.
Our Rotary tent was set up next to the Lions and at 5:00 PM we started serving our super premium hot chocolate, which the Lions complemented with their super premium hot dogs.   At 6.15 the Mayor turned the switch – Heritage Park and beyond burst into a Christmas lighting spectacle, which even outshone last year’s efforts.  The fire pit at park central was a great attraction with face painting, a bouncy castle, photo booth and popcorn stand receiving constant attention.  There was also music throughout.  All those who could prove their good behaviour during 2018  were given an opportunity to sit on Santa’s knee.  By 7:00 the crowds had dwindled so we, and the Lions, downed tents, packed up and headed home.
Our Food Bank collection raised  about $400 and the stuffed animal raffle resulted in three very happy Peachland youngsters. We served about 420 cups of hot chocolate, which is a little down from last year.  Assistance from municipal workers was first class.
Kudos to Rod and Moyra, Wendy, Holly, Jane and Rick who ran all the front line activities and to Margaret, Ted and William who provided the rear guard brewing and delivery arrangements.  Thanks to Peggy for providing the raffle animals. 
Sufficient hot chocolate and cups were set aside to support our club’s first event of 2019 – the January 1st Polar Bear Swim!
Photos above are two of the lucky winners from our raffle – a brown bear is with Emerson and the moose is with Tristan. They seem very happy.  Submitted by Rotary Member Chris Scowen



Peachland World of Wheels Show & Shine

Each year in May more than 550 cars, trucks, motorcycles and antique boats attended the Peachland World of Wheels Show & Shine.  The Show & Shine attracts more than 10,000 visitors annually and the organizing committee looks forward to the 10,000 plus visitors who will attend in 2019.
Our Club invite people to stop by our tent and indulge in one of our magnificent smokies/bratwurst, plus a drink, for only $5.  
The 2019 Peachland World of Wheels Show & Shine runs from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm.  On show day vehicles line up on both sides of Beach Avenue and also set up in Heritage Park and neighboring Cousins Park.  To find out more information about this annual event, visit their website here. 


Charter Night Celebration and Unsung Hero Awards

On Wednesday, October 20th our Rotarians and their guests gathered at the Peachland Restaurant 19 to for an evening celebration our 1997 charter.
The highlights of the evening were the presentation of the Unsung Hero awards by Membership Chair Madeleine Nixon.  The 2018 Non-Rotarian award is a volunteer or organization who has worked tirelessly in the Peachland Community.  This year’s recipient is Peachland Fire Department – Station 21.  Chief Dennis Craig, along with his wife, was our guest to receive the award on behalf of his Fire Department, Station 21.
The Rotarian Unsung Hero Award is presented to an individual who has gone above and beyond the call of duty.  This is a hard working self-effacing Rotarian who epitomizes the true spirit of Rotary and volunteerism. The nominee has not received any form of compensation, praise or recognition for their efforts and truly exemplifies the Rotary motto of “service above self
Nominations for the Unsung Hero Award are collected from the Club membership who submit nominations.  All submissions are tallied.  This year’s winner is  Chris Scowen, who was one of the original 21 Charter members who signed up in June 1997 to form the new Rotary Club of Peachland.  The list is too extensive to post in this article as to the worthiness of the above two recipients. Take a moment to read more about them here.
Here is a photo gallery from the evening, including the presentation of the Unsung Hero Award recipients.

JoeAnna’s House Groundbreaking Ceremony

JoeAnna’s House is a project spearheaded by the Kelowna General Hospital Foundation and will be a home away from home for families who need to come to Kelowna for medical treatment for a loved one. Several clubs in our District 5060 have contributed funds, including our club, and representatives from these clubs were on hand, along with District Governor Sherry Chamberlain at the official groundbreaking in October 23, 2018.  Once the project is completed, the Rotary Gardens will be a place of reflection for those staying in the House.  Representatives were from our Rotary Club of  Peachland (Peggy and Chris Southin),  The Rotary Club of Kelowna Sunrise, The Rotary Club of Kelowna, The Rotary Club of Kelowna/ Morningside, the West Kelowna Daybreak Rotary and the Rotary Club of Kelowna Ogopogo,   Here are some photos from the ceremony.  Just click on the photo to view the actual size. 
Peggy Southin, our President, and Wolfgang Muhs presented a cheque for $8,617 to the KGH Foundation.  This amount was matched 1:1 by the private foundation bringing our contribution to this worthwhile project to $17,324.  As of September 28, 2018 BC Clubs Supporting JoeAnna’s House have received gifts/commitments totaling over $40,000.

World’s Greatest Meal to End Polio

October is  Rotary’s  Polio Month.  There are only 2 countries left with the polio virus in the wild, down from 85 countries in 1987.
Our Rotary members were out on Hwy 97 with their red  “End Polio Now” placards early on the 24th morning by the  IGA.   A friendly “toot” by cars horns passing by was welcomed and boosted our members’ spirits!
Polio is a terrible disease and many people still suffer from post-polio syndrome in the West.  Unfortunately there are many more who live with the effects of polio: paralyzed limbs and constant pain. On October 24th, World Polio Day, our Club  participated in a project that  spanned the world: a fundraising dinner with the West Kelowna Daybreak Club, a “World’s Greatest Meal to End Polio” evening.  This event was the brainchild of two Rotarian’s on either side of the world in 2014.   As of this posting, 4,880 meals have been served, in 79 countries with almost 300,000 participants enjoying a unique Rotary event.   $3,020,864 USD has been raised which will cover approximately 15,104,000 polio vaccines.  Matching funds from the B & M Gates Foundation brought the total to $9,062,594
Karen Naumann a polio survivor, was our guest speaker at this event.  She gave a very entertaining and educational presentation of her life with polio and brought along two of her leg splints that she wore at such a young age.  Many polio survivors experience post-polio syndrome as adults.  Post-polio syndrome refers to a cluster of potentially disabling signs and symptoms that appear decades — an average of 30 to 40 years — after the initial polio illness including fatigue and progressive muscle and joint weakness and pain.  Here are some photos for you to enjoy from this evening where approximately $8,000 was donated to the Rotary Foundation for Polio Vaccinations.  Just click on an image to view larger image.

Canada National Tree Planting Day

With the goal of helping achieve a healthy and resilient forest, 15 volunteers with the Peachland Watershed Protection Alliance celebrated Canada National Tree Day by planting native trees and shrubs along damaged Peachland Creek on  September 29th.  Our fellow Rotarian Constantine was hard at work helping to plant his share of the trees!    Here are some photos from the event:

Service Above Self